LEONARDO'S ROBOT sing for their supper w/ GENTLES & TOM FORRER


8:30 pmThursday, 22 December 2022



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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Grab yer tap shoes, yer calculus, yer madstone, all the things in creation that exist without your knowledge, and bring em down to the Tote on the 22nd of December for a year-ender gig with your friends in Leonardo's Robot. What will happen? Nobody can say for sure but probably: great tunes. Killer support acts, too; what will happen when the unstoppable force of GENTLES' killer rock cannon-fire comes up against the immovable object of TOM FORRER's otherworldly voice and guitar stylings? I already told you: great tunes. Pay attention. 15 bucks on the internet and 20 bucks on the door.

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