Lazerlips, Flaura, Early Grey's Breakfast Tea,


7:00 pmFriday, 20 September 2019


The Catfish

30 Gertrude St, Fitzroy

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In a wasteland of the corporate music scene, we bring you the survivors of true local music.

Just a tram ride away from the CBD, and in the heart of the boiling pot of Melbourne, we bring our powerful music to you from the Catfish, Fitzroy.


Lazerlips is a mean, scratchy, powerful, alt-rock, and punk-rock sound. Their writer, lead guitarist, and vocalist, Luke Pender, has carefully mixed, and edited, tracks to contain high energy tones. Born in the depths of garages in Melbourne's West, Lazerlips trio, consists of drummer, Will Pain, bassist, Thom McMahon, and mastermind, Luke Pender


A 6-piece alternative rock band from Melbourne, fusing the likes of Nick Cave to Heart and Black Sabbath to Plini. Flaura screams messages of revolution, love, and heartbreak. Comprised of Josh Hickman's soaring solos, Zachary Davis' djenty rhythms, Nick "licc" Lazzara's slapada bass, Alex Bikovsky's machine gun blast beats, Julian Bonitz's angelic hair (and piano playing) all led by Grace Wheildon, who, with her seductive voice, sacrifices the lives of her audience.

Early Grey's Breakfast Tea:

Formed in 2017, Earl Grey’s Breakfast Tea are a three piece Melbourne based band brewing garage rock and alternative punk with flavours of psychedelia.

The trio put an energetic spin on modern rock. Matched by their authentic chemistry on stage, concocting a dynamic live set, Earl Grey's Breakfast Tea are not to be missed.

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