Lake Minnetonka Presents Gotham City Gangster Glam, Brian El Dorado and The Tuesday People


8:30 pmThursday, 31 October 2019


Brunswick Ballroom

314 Sydney Rd, Brunswick VIC 3056

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Gotham City – a sprawling art deco metropolis populated by stylish gangsters, super-villains, and one Dark Knight…

Lake Minnetonka are throwing a Halloween party to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Batman’s first comic appearance, and the 30th anniversary of Tim Burton’s iconic cinematic take on the character featuring a song soundtrack by Prince! Costume options are plentiful - dress as your favourite comic character, a flamboyant criminal, or represent the Purple Minneapolis funk!

Join Lake Minnetonka, featuring a rogues’ gallery of special guests, in their fight for funk justice, and featuring their now infamous Batdance medley!

There will be prizes for best dressed and best bat moves on the dancefloor, and some more surprises still to come. Stay tuned! 

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