LA BOOM feat: PROXIMA FREQ / A.M ADAM / CARMEL0 & MUSKA plus heaps more...


10:00 pmSaturday, 5 March 2022


303 Sydney Road

303 Sydney Road, Brunswick

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303 Sydney Road Nightclub every Saturday nights goes LA BOOM ! The late night dancefloor on the Northside - free before 10pm

Two rooms open until the early hours of Sunday morning delivering your clubbing needs until the break of day.

The Lounge bar is open from early (free entry and happy hour before 10pm) until late with free pool and private booths to relax in. Get in touch to book a table booth for your birthday 🙂

Backroom is open from 11pm - engage the cage - on the right side of the river 🙂



Northsides Chopper Read of electro.Fuelled by raw love and passion for sharing standout selections it’s no wonder Carmel0 has entered the Melbourne music scene with such impact. Showcasing a spectrum ranging from hypnotic after-hours tech, to premium bass fuelled weapons born for the dusty dance floor, his ability to flow through sounds seamlessly is a testament to the hours he’s poured into the art form of mixing.

Carmel0 weaves together vibrations from the past, present & future into the essential dose of music medicine direct to your soul.


After 20 years of classical training and having hosted her own lesson studio at the age of 17, Serena migrated from her home state to pursue her electronic music dreams. For the past 3 years she has been the forefront of a rise of female musicians taking the spotlight they so well deserve, co-founding the Sisters of Sound agency and supporting a number of artists in the house and techno scene. With a number of institutions already ticked off her bucket-list including Inflation, Francesca’s, The Industrique, MyAeon, Talk To Me, 24 Moons, The Vineyard, Storyville, Lucky Coq, Hoo Haa, and working closely with the 303 Sydney Road team on their recent reopening, this is only the tip of the iceberg for her future endeavours.


Proxima Frequencies originated through a cumulation of like-minded people brought together by a love of quality dance music & experience. Having formed through a number of gatherings, the brand is focused on creating environments to enjoy great music, whether that be at parties or in individual spaces. Over the past 3 years, the collective have hosted annual multi-day parties and created an online mix series, Interceptions, which have gained traction in Melbourne's electronic scene.


Connor Mac is a DJ & producer specialising in progressive house music sets inspired by Australia’s outdoor festival scene.� A resident at Melbourne’s Sooki Lounge for the last 5 years, Connor’s worked on his warm up brand of progressive house for years - which has earnt him the opportunity to open for names such as Sebastien Leger, Quivver, Khen, Kasper Koman & Jeremy Olander, as well as sets at Rainbow Serpent Festival, Babylon & Earthcore.


Doesn’t Matter resident & no stranger to Melbourne’s dancefloors - Dardi has spent the past five years refining his taste, collecting & producing a plethora of interesting music to share, from moody atmospheric ambient soundscapes through to dark cosmic party tunes.

His keen eye for detail and passion for delivering his favourite synthesiser heavy & progressive techno has seen Dardi perform at some of the finest establishments in the state including Glamorama, My Aeon, 24 Moons & Rubix.

Alongside a number of guest mixes for

Radio shows across the country, Dardi has released on multiple international labels - though his heart is here in Melbourne, where he continues to focus on the local community & spread good vibes wherever he goes.


A purveyor of underground parties & all round music lover, Locky Lyne takes pride in exploring all corners of the electronic spectrum, often effortlessly blending deep rhythmic percussive elements, emotive melodic build ups & driving kicks within his dj sets - offering a unique range of carefully picked sounds to get any dancefloor moving.

With an exciting array of bookings on the horizon & a sharp focus on the future, Locky Lyne has much to look forward to & a few tricks up his sleeve for sure..


The introspective therapeutic state that dance music promotes has always inspired Joonmack - from his early days on dancefloors in the bush to his recent foray into the world of production. His ability to weave through the darkness and provide solace to his listeners through his use of rather specific psychedelic sounds is a truly positive addition to the human experience.

Joonmack is also one of the founders of Proxima Frequencies; an event based collective where he manages the bookings, graphic design & the stages/lighting for live shows. Although relatively new to the thriving Melbourne scene, Proxima Freq. has already played host to a plethora of talent from around Australia on their podcast series and has some big plans for the future.


In the last 1.5 years, Dan has really begun to leave his mark on Melbournes underground electronic music scene, playing a unique blend of deep melodic house and techno from the clubs to the Australian bush, leaving nothing but smiles and happy memories with all those that have seen him play!

Not only a DJ, Dan has also begun dipping his toes into the evnts game as well, co-founding Proxima Freq., a new collective that showcases deep and progressive soundscapes through community-focused events where everyone has a safe space to express themselves, connect with the music and each other.

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    303 Sydney Road

    303 Sydney Road, Brunswick