Kylie Auldist - This Is What Happiness Looks Like (Album Launch)


7:00 pmSaturday, 19 February 2022


Night Cat

137-141 Johnston St, Fitzroy VIC 3065

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It seems like an eon ago now, but during the middle of 2020 it didn’t feel like releasing an album or live music was ever going to be a thing again. I had an album all finished and ready to go but then COVID went and did its thing.

After talking it through with the wonderful humans at my new UK label ‘Soul Bank Music’ we decided that rather than waiting for better times we would put it out - because why the hell not?!

It was an album full of joy and happiness, pretty much me in a nutshell (well maybe my family wouldn’t agree) but i wanted to share it with the world while we were all going through a tough time as a moment of light hearted fun to enjoy even though it would have been more prudent to wait till things opened up again.

Looking back I have no regrets, I'm deeply proud of this album - but the one thing I was never happy about is not being able to have a proper live launch and play it with the fabulous band who all contributed so much towards the making of it.

So………….. it’s with those sentiments that we have locked in a date and are bringing a massive band to the Night Cat to finally give it the launch it deserves.

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