KUNTSQUAD PRESENTS: Filthy Friday Fest of Fury


8:30 pmFriday, 8 July 2022



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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The members are experienced musicians from other previous higher profile projects (Velvet Hammer, Damnzal, Triphammer, Solemn Ceremony, Eldritch Rites, Open Door of Doom: which is a Collab of Eldritch Rites and Craig Capps from the Locked Ward, Psycho Circus, Deadly Blessing) and have a collection of numerous other works (CD’s, vinyl, Video clips, etc) from these previous
projects. We are not strangers to working hard and have each undertaken quite rigorous touring schedules over the years and played major festivals interstate at various times: majorly east coast tours to Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Tasmania, Canberra, and regional areas along the way.

Previously and collectively we have gigged with and supported a plethora of Australia’s and OS finest bands (Abramelin, Dreadnaught, Pungent Stench, Beanflipper, Depression, Fridge, Dreamkillers, Meanies, Spiderbait, Bored,) amongst a very few that are most memorable.

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