Kundalini Project, Om Tryambakam, Temple Step Project, Gibberish, #STDRUMS


8:00 pmFriday, 18 October 2019


Bar Oussou

653 Sydney Road, Brunswick

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Trip Beats is an established event that host local and international artists from all around the globe.

In fact every time there is something new going on and new

and diverse. This time we will have guests from India, Japan.

Remember to come early to get your spot!!

Line Up:

Kundalini Project

The Kundalini Project and live show enables audiences with the soundtrack to tap into their deep earthy serpent energy, sliding through lush flowing textures, undulating on deep rolling basslines and frenetically vibrating on staccato percussive sounds.

Coupled with all the right builds and drops, Kundalini Project gives the listener and dancefloor a variety of inspiration to really create some dancefloor alchemy.

Om Tryambakam

Play Indian and Eastern inspired Psychedelic Fusion

On Sensual and Funky Grooves

With Chants, Rants and Mantras

Sarita McHarg Borliya: Vox and Sitar

Byron Triandafyllidis: Vox and Strings

Mozad: Beats and Bass

Volga Tunca: Turkish and I down Percussion

Temple Step Project

Temple Step – Music Producer, DJ, Sonic Ceremonialist and Sound Healer brings his multicultural ingenious influences and diverse electronic music genres taking the listener on a dance journey throughout planetary cultures and beyond. Temple Step brings over 25 years experience in music production, collaborating with and remixing artists such as Desert Dwellers, Deya Dova, Peruquois, Ganga Giri, Murry Kyle, Wild Marmalade, Raio, Darpan and Fire Mane. When Temple Steps not touring the planet, he resides in Bali producing music for musicians, wellness industry professionals and resident DJing at one of the globes biggest Ecstatic Dance venues in Ubud. Temple Steps sets bring a unique fusion of facilitated DJing, Live Music and Sound Healing.


In the past 3 years Gibberish has employed 19 players in total. An ever changing process of musical input. On the night they will comprise of two long standing members - Ciarán Keogh (Overstayer) and James Titherington (Satchmo). Hand made instruments, synthesiser and viola. Expect healthy ambience and sick beats!

#STDRUMS - This is Yuji “Rerure” Kawaguchi's solo project. He has been traveling all around the world with his "D.I.Y. " custom made suitcase drum kit. Upon visiting John Bonham's grave in UK, he witnessed so many styles of buskers in London and was convinced to start this solo project. Tearing up the streets into a dance floor with his energetic performance, and music video of him performing inside the London underground (metro) has stirred hype throughout the world. Constantly going to Europe for his street busking tour, in 2017 he started to begin shows at clubs and venues. With more aggressive tracks and hard & groovy beats, claiming himself "THE DRUMMER VERSION OF SQUAREPUSHER”. During his stage, you will experience a mouthful of drums in your ears!


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