Koi Kingdom + Professor Peel


7:00 pmWednesday, 4 March 2020


Bar 303

303 High St, Northcote

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8:30pm ~ Professor Peel

Catchy yet complex. hectic yet chill. original compositions fleshed out with improvisational fire. inspired by jazz, rock, and music from india, ethiopia, and bali.

9:30pm ~ Koi Kingdom

Koi Kingdom is made up of Marcos Villalta (Guitar) Cheryl Durongpisitkul (Sax) and Stephen Hornby (Double Bass). The band was founded in 2016 on a shared love of composing and performing original music as well as a mutual respect for each other’s craft. Their music reflects their experiences growing up in this multicultural and globally connected country, being exposed to, studying and performing music from all over the world such the jazz and classical traditions, as well as music from Brazil, India, the U.S. and Cuba, and putting those influences into their own sounds.

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