7:00 pmWednesday, 7 December 2022


Forum Melbourne

154 Flinders St, Melbourne

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PIXIES, one of the most influential alternative rock bands of all time, have unfinished business in Australia and will be returning in 2022 for their mammoth – Come On Pilgrim… It’s Surfer Rosa tour including Forum Melbourne on Wednesday 7 Decemeber. Pixies’ debut releases - the electrifying 1987 EP Come On Pilgrim and 1988’s debut full-length album, Surfer Rosa - brought rise to a new genre and defined contemporary music for a generation.

The tour will bear witness to both seminal albums being performed in full – plus new and old tracks spanning their extensive catalogue. Surfer Rosa is a record made up of rage, religion, gore, incest and superheroes named Tony - a debut album so good that it's since been seen as a masterpiece. Produced by Steve Albini, it includes early Pixies classics such as "Bone Machine," "Gigantic," "Vamos" and "Where Is My Mind?". Come On Pilgrim contained eight songs from the band's first-ever studio session, produced by Gary Smith and recorded at his Fort Apache Studio near Boston.

Almost two years to the day, Pixies were forced to leave Australia when the global pandemic took hold. With only one show in Auckland and one in Melbourne completed, the band were determined to get the show back on the road and will return to Australian and New Zealand shores this December.

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