King Curly (Album Launch) + Stephen Cummings


6:30 pmSaturday, 28 May 2022


George Lane

1 George Lane, St Kilda

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Paul Kelly says King Curly's name should be "shouted from the rooftops" such is the haunting beauty of his music. Hailing from the Blue Mountains NSW, King Curly is the invention of local singer/songwriter Steve Appel – a long time enigma of original Australian music.

After a long absence from the stage, building alternative-design mud houses, Steve Appel has re-emerged to showcase new material aptly named 'Songs'. Appel’s harmonious medicine-show band and heartbreaking orchestrations frame a profound, self-deprecating comedy about transcendence and the people who dream of it. This retrospective is a rich world of intrigue populated by daydreamers, from the intimate I Wish I Was A Girl and Familyman, to filmic King Curly and Curly & Sue.

Tiny Tim meets the gritty story telling of Lou Reed in songs that bring to life avenging zombies, ukulele bumblebees, possessed pianos and a certain air of quiet, smalltown romance, against an impossibly beautiful backdrop of chook-shed instrumentation.

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