King Cig, White Dog, Disco Junk Band, CAKEFIGHT, The Darrans


7:00 pmFriday, 7 June 2019


Last Chance Rock n Roll Bar

238 Victoria St Melbourne

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King Cig are a stoner/doom band with some punk overtones. Righteous.


Earwaxx Tours, EW Records, and The Grifter Brewing Company present White Dog with their EP "Year of The Pig"

PRIMAL. It’s not a word accurately used to describe music in the world of accessible sonic wizardry anyone with a computer can accomplish. White Dog sets out to go back to the root of hardcore, the intense, all-encompassing and seething passion in their newest release Year of the Pig. Micky Grossman of DEN manned the engineering helm to bring this monster to life. Channeling various phenomena every human is exposed to each day, they trudge their way to the point, survival. These songs strike at the monotony and hypocrisy of life and our existence here crescendoing in the final track “Buried Country”, the band’s take on the 70’s art-punk classic by TACTICS.

White Dog’s incarnation of “Storm the Streets” takes that old fashioned pissed off guitar and no-nonsense production to the next level. Paying homage to the forerunners of the genre keeping the ferocity up front and the sentiment in the back. I’ve always admired the simplicity of specifically getting your idea across without wasting time saying anything else. This song gets it done for me, and that White Dog stayed in the lines made it resonate even more.

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