Kim Salmon Haunted Grooves


10:00 pmFriday, 12 March 2021



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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Kim Salmon has his share of ghosts lurking within his career.
While its not a boast. Kim feels its better to live with these ghosts than to hide from them.
Some of these ghosts are people like Scientists drummer Brett Rixon or STM double bass player Andrew Entch.
They left this world decades ago but their collaboration with Kim lives on.
Every time a song they performed on is played, their contribution to music lives on - with a largely unaware audience.
Chicago native Phillip Hertz, ex wife and one time Scientists manager Linda Fearon…..
Lowbrow auteur and drummer Nick Combe………
They all managed to have their life story intersect Kim’s and those intersections have created a significant effect on Kim’s story.

The focus of an artist’s career is by definition a subset of that much bigger thing called the ‘body of work’. There are significant songs and contributions that don’t get the limelight. Detours, stories, influences, personalities, interpretations that fill every set list.

In Kim’s case there’s more to the picture than Come On Spring, Swampland or Frantic Romantic.

Haunted Grooves is Kim’s telling of some of the stories left to him by people he’s collaborated with who are no longer around to tell them.

Stories from people like Brian Henry Hooper and Spencer P Jones. Not the ones you know from their telling when they were around but the stories unique to Kim’s musical trajectory.

Haunted Grooves is Kim’s way of bringing your attention to some songs, some times and some people.
…………………some of the ghosts that will haunt the grooves for Kim Salmon until he himself is no longer around.

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