KILL BELL - Single Launch, Synthetics, Layla (solo) Hashshashin, Superfeather, HELU, ZÖJ


9:00 pmSaturday, 19 October 2019


Grace Darling Hotel

114 Smith St, Collingwood

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We're celebrating the release of our new single 'Not on Loop'.

Joining us for this lovely evening are:



Layla (solo)

Hashshashin and HELU launch their new albums at Grace Darling.

Brought to you by Art As Catharsis, this night is a chance to delve deep at an immersive night of progressive, genre-defying music, with performances from:

- Hashshashin (NSW)
- Superfeather

# About Hashshashin

Hashshashin are a Sydney trio who draw from Middle Eastern musical traditions while exploring drone, progressive atmospherics and psychedelia.

Sitting on the border of Afghanistan, the region of Badakhshan in Tajikistan serves as both namesake and inspiration for their new record. Scenes of the towering Pamir Mountains and the dust-strewn Wakhan Corridor influence the journey-driven composition of the album, as do elements of drone, ritualism and modern spiritualism.

Hashshashin are influenced by Om, Tigran Hamasyan, Secret Chiefs 3, Dawn Of Midi and Le Trio Joubran.

HELU are an instrumental trio from Sydney, Australia. Their first release "Varisema" is a through-composed 35 minute piece based around a single rhythmic idea, warping from spaced out ambience to chaotic uproar.

HELU are inspired by The Necks, Tortoise, Dawn Of Midi, caves and skies.

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