Kieron McDonald Combo


7:00 pmSunday, 7 November 2021


Hotel Westwood

28 Napier Street Footscray

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The Kieron McDonald Combo are one of the most well known and popular Rockabilly acts in Australia, they have been delighting audiences for years with their energetic and original interpretation of 1950’s Rockbilly/Rock’n’Roll music.

All members of the band live the 50’s inspired lifestyle immersing themselves in the music, cars, TV/movies, architecture and clothing of the 40s and 50s.

Kieron is well known for his singing/songwriting both at home and abroad with a total of 8 CD releases and 3 vinyl releases spanning 18 years. His song writing is inspired by artists from the 1940s and 50’s and yet he injects his own original style and personality into his music.

Kieron started out as the singer and Rhythm guitarist for Melbourne’s Rockabilly outfit the “Flatfoot Shakers” in 1998. After 10 years (and 4 album releases) with the band playing gigs/festivals all over Australia and overseas, he moved to Germany and formed his own 4 piece combo with musicians from Holland and the UK. For 3 years they played some of the biggest and best roots festivals in Europe.

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    Hotel Westwood

    28 Napier Street Footscray