Junor, Jacky, Scralxrd,


7:30 pmWednesday, 12 December 2018



7-11 Dawson St, Brunswick

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Who the Fxck is SCARLXRD? This British artist is almost completely unknown to DJs and MCs in the UK rap scene. SCARLXRD has released mixtapes such as; Savixur, Annx Dxmini, Sxurce Xne, LXRD, Rxse, Chaxsthexry, Cabin Fever and LORDSZN. SCARLXRD released his latest mixtape entitled 'DXXM' in May of 2018.

Despite this, he has a massive global fanbase and the video for his breakthrough track Heart Attack which has had over 35 million views - not bad for someone who has only been rapping for just over a year.

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