June skye , Slim Crusty and Beth Winter (arvo) Denial Reunion Gig with Dubrow (ex iNsuRge), DevilMonkey & Berlin '84 (evening)


2:00 pmSaturday, 5 February 2022


Last Chance Rock n Roll Bar

238 Victoria St Melbourne

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Live music is back, and hopefully it's here to stay , so come on down to one of the best Music venues in Melbourne, grab your mates , get a frothy and immerse yourself in the feelings and sounds provided by these 3 talented artists as they share their craft with you.


Remember the 90’s? Many people don’t but that’s okay! Some of us were fans of the burgeoning Industrial music scene...you know...Ministry, Skinny Puppy, NiN among a bunch of others. Some of us here in Melbourne had a go too. We’re proud to present 2 artists who gave it a good shake along with some others who take their cues from this period & put their own stamp on it!

28 years, 2 months & 5 days ago (if anyone’s counting) Industrial/Punk duo Denial put down the tools on their twin bass assault, consigning themselves to obscurity. Having released a couple of albums & opening for acts such as TISM, Scatterbrain (remember them???), Rollins, Hard Ons & The Beasts of Bourbon among others it was time to call time...4 quarters played. But NOW the knuckleheads thought it’d be a ripper idea to dust off the oldies - & some newies - & adorn their ugly-arse bodies once again with their trusty, manky basses. Older & not one bit wiser...prepare to be pummeled!

Dubrow! Former frontman of iNsuRge, Soulscraper & Blackbreaks! Politically charged & with a social conscience ramped up past 11! In early 2020 Chris Dubrow moved out of the Blue Mountains Bushfires straight into Melbourne COVID lockdown. This inspired his first solo album “Polite Unthreatening Songs”. Dubrow is now ready to present these songs, along with some selections from his past bands - iNsuRge and Soulscraper - live on stage!


DevilMonkey have been in hiding since August 2019. You know what to expect here. Big beats, chugging riffs, soaring keys! With a new single under their belt it’s time to don the suits & masks once more!


& rounding out the night we have the awesome AF synthy goodness from Berlin '84. You've gotta see them!


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