Jin Jellic, Je Bahl, Man vs Synth


8:00 pmThursday, 19 September 2019


Grace Darling Hotel

114 Smith St, Collingwood

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Jin Jellic:

Melbourne math rock trio Jin Jellic have put together a sparkling set and are ready to brave the outside world after locking themselves in the shed for a few months. Coming from diverse musical backgrounds, these eager young lads blend emotive melodies with soothing bass lines and hard-hitting drums to create their own unique brand of math rock.

Je Bahl:

Je Bahl is a quirky music project from Tassie Musician Brandon Meyer.

His influences span from funk, soul and rnb to psychadelia, rock and Africana. Growing up in the charming suburb of Summerhill, Brandon spent most of his childhood outside, living on bmx, wakeboarding and punk-rock. His late teens saw a blossom of sun-soaked psychedelia, jazz and hiphop, soundtracking a melancholic coming of age story. Love had and love lost. Summertime is always just around the corner and Je Bahl takes you there.

Man vs Synth:

Combining cavernous synthesiser tones with piercing guitar refrains, Man vs Synth place a core emphasis on rhythm in their venture to spawn a seldom-explored, genre-defying genus of synth pop

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