Jim Lynch (Sydney), Gutters Grr, Erin Watkins, Billy Puntton (Sydney), Quinton Trembath, Knifey Spoony (Newcastle), Buskers Wages, The Berkeley Hunts (arvo) Creepy Flavour - Album Launch, Paper Tapir, Sleeping Giant


12:00 pmSunday, 30 September 2018


Last Chance Rock n Roll Bar

238 Victoria St Melbourne

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Sydney's 'Get folked punk' is coming to Melbourne for our first time ever!!!
We have put together an amazing lineup of folk punk from across Sydney, Newcastle and Melbourne to fill your ears with some of the best acts going around.

Following a series of increasingly chaotic shows around Melbourne, Creepy Flavour are finally ready to release their debut album. Made up of music written during (and reflective of) their time at high school together, it is a humid and stormy collection of cacophonous sludge, skronky blues-rock, surf-rock and some half-assed attempts at lounge music as well as the occasional dip into hardcore punk. James Sommer, a graduate of the very same high school, produced it. They will be playing almost every song from the album along with some new material in what should be an entertaining and theatrical show.

Supporting them is their dream line-up, consisting of fellow power trio (and the band’s personal heroes) indie-proggers Paper Tapir as well as the band formally known as Lowpoint (another power trio) who shall henceforth be known as Sleeping Giant (A name that better encapsulates their enormous, tectonic-plate-shifting, stoner/doom majesty).

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