Jaspar Gubbay (SYD), Anna Du Vé & The Canapés, Esther, Asha Trips, Darkroom Poetry, Electric Toothbrush, Richard Simpson


7:00 pmThursday, 4 August 2022



229 Queensberry St, Carlton

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Jaspar Gubbay is a Sydney born musician, producer, artist with a passion for dance and all things funky! Jaspar's self produced album "RAPSAJ," was released early 2022 in March and is now being toured along the east coast of Australia with the backing of Will Sutcliffe on bass, Jake Arvonen on drums and The Regime's Matthew Stacey on guitar.

Expect the wild-haired party boy Jaspar singing his tunes from his album in a high-fidelity sonic spectrum jasPartyBaybay punk attitude live style on the 4th of August at Colour (NAARM/Melbourne).

The supporting acts on the night are an eclectic selection of Melbourne's funkiest cats, turning this Thursday night into the party you didn't know you needed!


"Anna Du Vé & The Canapés" -

ADV’S music is born of the heart, raised by Jazz, sung with Soul, and an indecent amount of scatting.Expect a groove-based & blues infused band of merry music makers coalescing around Anna Du Vé’s originals.

"Esther" -

Esther finds inspiration in the affairs of the heart - love, stupidity, lust, trust, and the everyday highs and lows of romances and friendships. Growing up on a diet of Sade, Kate Ceberano, Shania Twain and lots classical/baroque violin pieces, Esther’s songs on guitar and vocals arrive at a misty point somewhere between genres.

"Asha Trips" -

Asha Trips is a bassist, vocalist, composer and producer living in Naarm (Melbourne). Their release ‘i.d.’ comprises two tracks and makes up their first solo work; a personal and honest expression exploring identity and self-discovery.

Guided by their love of harmonic colour within sound; they perceive chord progressions and harmony as vivid colours and experiences, and this premise is what lies at the centre of their creativity. ‘i.d.’ follows a narrative of Asha searching for their identity, a resolve to try and break through metaphorical walls to unearth who was underneath.

"Darkroom Poetry" -

Naarm based Musician/Composer Phoebe Parsons (she/her) aka EBIPHE, presents her project Darkroom Poetry. This music represents the child self and the songwriter self, a journey through influences of progressive rock, jazz, soul and indie punk. Songs of personal growth, politic and perspective. Growing up in regional NSW Orange, her roots of singer/songwriter are rediscovered in this project. Phoebe also writes and produces for nu-soul/jazz/boom rock group EBIPHE, and is vocalist in world inspired progressive rock/punk group Culaccino.

"Electric Toothbrush" -

Though written in 2016, Electric Toothbrush's single 'Well' sonically encapsulates the emotional spectrum of isolation in 2020. Reminiscing over the general rupture, that was at times beholden, and at others nutso. Listen over coffee, listen over green cordial, you know you can do it all.

"Richard Simpson" -

Melbourne based DJ spinning vinyl all night!

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    229 Queensberry St, Carlton