Jam Jar, Jona Byron


7:00 pmSaturday, 7 December 2019


Wesley Anne

250 High Street, Northcote

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Jam Jar are a highly energetic Melbourne-based trad jazz band established in 2016. With influences ranging from the masters, Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington, to local bands The Red Onion Band and The Hoodangers, they combine the sounds of New Orleans and Melbourne in their upbeat repertoire of original songs and beloved standards.

Their debut, self-titled album was released in 2018, and is a lighthearted commentary on the apathy and anxieties of modern life and a yearning for a romanticised past, all wrapped up in toe-tapping tunes you can’t help but dance to.


Singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, Jona Byron returns to the stage after many years in hiatus with new music that can only be described as soul flavoured electronica with tinges of indie folk. Jona has played festivals and shows in Berlin, Hamburg, The Netherlands, Denmark, Paris, Italy and Spain, and has recorded in Iceland and collaborated with Icelandic artists such as Jóhann Kristinsson and Myrra Rós, as well as writing and recording instrumental music with the boats. Jona is also joined by German touring folk artists, Sleepwalker’s Station, who has played over 900 live gigs across Europe & America, and Torben Tietz.

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