7:00 pmMonday, 22 July 2019


The Corner

57 Swan Street, Richmond

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Buoyed by the success of a trio of EPs – ‘The Monologue’, ‘The Paradox’ and ‘The Boy Who Cried Freedom’ – Jacob Banks dropped his eagerly awaited full length album, ‘Village’, in November of 2018. It’s a sprawling, deeply immersive experience on which Banks’ throaty, expressive sound weaves its way through a mesmerizing mix of styles and textures.

Whether he’s riding a hip-hop groove or jamming to neo-blues, the connective tissue throughout ‘Village’ is Banks’ profound commitment to exploring human themes.

“That’s how I really see myself – a storyteller in songs,” observes Banks. “I find so much of the time that musicians don’t really come across as human because they only celebrate a tiny fraction of what they are. With this album, ‘Village’, I tried to embrace all that I’ve lived through and experienced…”

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