Izy - "Moon" - single launch, Tiana Khasi, Danika Smith,Andras [all-niter]


8:30 pmSaturday, 2 November 2019



229 Queensberry St, Carlton

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Moon is the slinky, downtempo, debut single from Izy (pronounced eye-zee), a trio who emerged from the rainforests of Far North Queensland this year to make Melbourne their new home.

“Moon was her name, moon was her name” goes the hook, introducing the honeyed voice of bassist Warrigo Tyrrell. On guitar and drums Ryo Montgomery and Maru Nitor-Zammataro complete the trio. Perfectly synchronised, perfectly minimal, this understated piece of jazzy soul brings to mind D’angelo and Bilal at their most stripped back.

Brothers from different mothers, all three members of Izy write and sing, but it is the baby brother of the group, Warrigo, who gets to shine on this first single. In his words: “I was in my room looking out my window at the moon when I wrote this song and in my mind the moon became the face of a loved one. She is beautiful and shining, radiating her elegance, just like the moon. She loves the moon, she draws the moon, she is the moon. So - Moon was her name. It came out like that.”

Moon is available everywhere on October 18 via Hopestreet Recordings.


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    229 Queensberry St, Carlton