Iron Mammoth (NZ), The Colby's, EXILE


7:00 pmThursday, 19 September 2019


Retreat Hotel

280 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

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Two thirds of Iron Mammoth, Dunedin's laziest band, escape the treacherous blizzards of the deep south to meet up with the other guy and put on a wild party for the release of a brand new single. By continuing the slow drip-feed of material with another track from that elusive “Iron Mammoth Album”, the band has once again maintained the illusion of some kind of thing to come. After all, playing weird instruments and printing trendy t-shirts will only get you so far...

Iron Mammoth have been described as ‘a band that sometimes plays shows', ‘weird but not that weird’, ‘mostly rock n roll’, ‘kids music for adults’, and ‘are they even still a band?’.

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