Iran Sanadzadeh; Helen Svoboda and Niran Dasika; Ollie Cox


6:30 pmWednesday, 16 November 2022


Bar Open

317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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Three sets of music, achieving beauty through intent, quiet, and attention. All four performers have built a path towards a unique voice, and utilise their instruments to blend the familiar with the other worldly. At this gig, you’ll see sound made through contact, pressure, air, and bodies. Join us for an evening of exploring what sounds instruments new and old can make through two solo sets from Ollie Cox and Iran Sanadzadeh, and a duo from Niran Dasika and Helen Svoboda.

Iran Sanadzadeh is a performer and composer. Her work explores the possible relationships between movement and sound using her set of pressure-sensitive floors. She writes quiet sparse music to curate attention to sonic detail.

Improvisors Niran Dasika (trumpet) and Helen Svoboda (double bass) perform a rare duo set, seeking moments of beauty in the intersections of trumpet and bass extended technique.

Ollie Cox is a Melbourne-based drummer, percussionist, improviser and composer. His broad textural palette, sensitivity and creativity at the drum kit has led to him working with some of Melbourne’s finest musical artists. Ollie blends his background as a jazz drummer with explorations in indie folk, art rock and electroacoustic experimental music.

6:30pm doors

7pm Ollie Cox

8pm Niran Dasika & Helen Svoboda

9pm Iran Sanadzadeh

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