Internal Rot, Diploid, Slime City + Clogged


9:00 pmFriday, 9 December 2022



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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INTERNAL ROT are finally hitting the stage again after a long looooong absence following the release of their shockingly popular Grieving Birth LP which has gone through 4 vinyl pressings with not a show to support it. Come see them squander all that goodwill in a flurry of sweat, spittle and spite!

DIPLOID go from strength to strength as their harrowing powerviolence tinged grind gets faster and more lethal with every show. Masterful and never less than devastating shit. 

SLIME CITY will drop the goregrind megatonnage for the first time with no regard for life or limb. The Doubled Over gang plus Garbage Guts’ vocalist doing Regurgitate/Dead Infection style classic GORE! This foul monster has been gestating for 5 years and the birthing will be glorious!

The best band in Australia (certification pending) - the mighty and and maniacal CLOGGED are up first to light an extremely short fuse and set things off with a serious bang! If you made a meatgrinder out of a helicopter and a motocross dirtbike this is the sound of that science!

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