INK: Levi Warren (Launch)


6:00 pmFriday, 13 November 2020


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Levi Warren is a Geelong based (b. 2001), multidisciplinary artist, working across ink and digital illustration, film and video. He is currently undertaking his Bachelors of Fine Arts at RMIT, Melbourne. Levi’s work explores ideas of escapism, storytelling and freedom of expression, through the drawn line and the written word — working extensively with inks, alongside producing short films and scriptwriting. He is interested in experimenting with different mediums within his art practice.

Levi Warren is interested in ideas surrounding fictional story writing and escapism, along with the way in which fact and fiction are represented through visual compositions and complex narratives. His works border on the chaotic and hark back to the curious and cluttered aesthetic of the Wunderkammer — referencing their diversity and dispersal of things — and their ability to encapsulate an encyclopaedic version of existence. Levi applies this thinking to a contemporary context, interweaving images that speak to the beautiful and yet complicated nature of contemporary life, especially when coming of age. Warren uses this theme to encapsulate the sensation of sonder within his audience, the feeling that the outside world, and the individuals within it are all as vividly complicated as one’s own life. 'INK' is an exhibition that extends from Levi being awarded the 2019 Brackets Art Prize at Platform Arts.

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