If So Why, Perfect Whip, 00_ and Leaching


7:30 pm-11:30 pmFriday, 28 January 2022



136 Johnston St, Collingwood VIC 3066

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Released during lockdown If So Why finally launch their debut EP "World Eater" in the flesh at Nighthawks!! Joining them are friends old and new Perfect Whip, 00_, and Leaching.

Doors 7:30
No tickets, get in early!






World Eater out now on cassette, digital download and select streaming services.

"The band deliver a raw, bursting, rather captivating guitar-driven mixture of post-punk and noise-rock poised between the angular noise aesthetics of Sonic Youth, Live Skulls, and Swans, and the restless geometries of the Wire and Mission of Burma slightly sprinkled with post-rock ala Mogwai on speed, all empowered by neurotically and deliriously passionate, somehow gripping Life Without Buildings-like female vocalizations."

- Fabrizio Lusso, Whitelight/Whiteheat, July 2021

"‘World Eater‘ is a raw, intense cut of lo-fi post punk that has both hypnotic and cathartic parts. The track is filled with psychedelic riffs and it fizzes along before collapsing into a heavy, chaotic shambles towards the end." - Nikki, Mix It All Up, June 2021

"...the atmosphere is muddied with garage, fuzz and heart noise, until the sclera of his eyes stained with blood." - Sergio, Retratando Voces, June 2021

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