Icthyophile: Free-Diving w/ Mararara and Joseph and Alma


9:00 pmFriday, 22 July 2022



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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After a two-year hiatus, Icthyophile have re-emerged from their watery depths
and are steering their chaotic brand of bathypelagic rock back to the Tote!
Influenced by the likes of Taipan Tiger Girls, Neu! and John Cage, Icthyophile
use radios, guitar, and drums to create extended improvisational pieces. With
every performance entirely unplanned, Icthyophile present an experience that
is raw, unpredictable, and occasionally inspired.
Joining them on the night will be flute and bassoon duo ‘Joseph and Alma’ and
ambient legend ‘Mararara’.

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