I Spit on Your Gravy, Poppin' Mommas, James McCann and the New Vindictives, BATZ - BANDROOM


7:00 pmFriday, 7 December 2018



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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The Notorious I Spit on your Gravy are up for a night of raucous fun at the Tote on Friday 7th of December. This is our only Melbourne show for the year. 
It'll be a massive night! 

SuppOrts are - 

The Poppin Mommas
Back in Melbourne for the first time in ages are the black sheep from Geetroit, the Poppin' Mommas. Despite being too old, too fat and too stupid they refuse to stop! So on December 7th at The Tote they will crank over the old punk rock jalopy with the legendary I Spit on your Gravy. Come along for an evening of dancing, sparkling wit and good clean old fashioned fun. 

James McCann and the New Vindictives
Over the last year James McCann and the New Vindictives have been supporting their latest album Gotta Lotta Move - Boom ! on Vinyl and CD ( Beast Records , Off The Hip ). Touring Europe and playing Australia's East Coast, the album has had rave reviews and airplay around the world. James is now working away on a follow up album.

BATZ combine razor-sharp thrashy guitars with an unrelenting driving rhythm section and a woozy wash of psychedelia. Their music lodges under your skin and won't let go until you sweat it out, or succumb to the righteous badassery. They are a mix that quickly engenders comparisons to Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Blondie and Elastica.

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