Hui / million / LOV3R1


8:00 pmFriday, 8 July 2022


Brunswick Artists Bar

316 Sydney road Brunswick

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Hui. (Hughie) is the solo project of singer-songwriter and artist Hugh William Davies. Hui. began in 2018 when he released his first single 'Problem Child', which brought a soulful and electronic sound with floating vocals. His newest self-titled EP feels like a breath of fresh air, as he opts for a guitar-driven sound that still grasps the lo-fi elements of his previous releases.


Million is an emerging self-produced trio based in Melbourne/Naarm. The band is made up of Craig Kemp, Lil Friedmann and Jacinta Le Ralph. Their mission is to tell stories inspired by both personal and universal experiences, delicately interweaving lyrical melodies and narrative with their love of synthy, beat-driven electronica.


LOV3R1 is a Melbourne/Naarm-based vocalist exploring the sentimentalities of love and letting go, through a dissection of superficial feelings and deeper knowings. The songwriter's inspiration comes from care and concern for people. Examining themes of music as solace, grown out of experience as a youth worker, LOV3R1's music is a deep dive into radical honesty and self-compassion. 'I believe in truly accepting who we are as individuals and expressing how we feel at all times because that’s the only way we can heal and grow emotionally.'

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    Brunswick Artists Bar

    316 Sydney road Brunswick