Hoi Polloi SE02 EP03 – Hoi Hoi Hoi


Starts 6:00 pm, 7 December 2019Ends 1:00 am, 8 December 2019


Red Betty

Rear 859 Sydney Rd Brunswick

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DJs Anja Kaltenbach / Fatty Acid / Anthony Miller / Consoles / Enclave / Emmymaie / Shaun Mac

The only thing more exciting than Friday night drinks at your favourite bar, Red Betty, is Friday Eve drinks at your favourite bar. Tell your boss that you must leave early or your girlfriend that you won’t be able to watch the repeats of Love Island because on December 5th, 2019, we are going to blow you away with the soulful jazz notes. Playing on the bill will be Monty Shnier and his band who is a very gifted musician along with his band that will no doubt leave you wanting more when he they are finished as well as up and coming jazz trio Cosmic Hyper Drive who will provide a show not to miss.

The three members of Cosmic hyper Drive all hail out of the prestigious Box Hill institute where they study Music, having worked with each other over the last year with university projects and really bonding and become good friends they decided to put their works together and establish their soulful, upbeat jazz tones. The trio are very professional performers and will be a band to look out for in the coming years. CHD are currently recording their first jazz works together in October-November 2019 and hope to release the music soon. Cosmic fans can expect fun and playful shows as we look forward to travelling through space at hyper drive.

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    Red Betty

    Rear 859 Sydney Rd Brunswick