Hoi Polloi, Russia


7:00 pmThursday, 15 November 2018


Cherry Bar

68 Little Collins St, Melbourne

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*Hoi Palloi*
Hoi Palloi make zingy moody art-folk/alt-jazz, and have been playing their songs to Melbourne band rooms for a year or so. Their music speaks of the ocean, belonging, displacement and feeling lots of things all at once; and this thematic content is cuddled up in textural grooves and lush harmony. After hooking up with Sofar Sounds to record a live video for their song 'Tasmania', they released their debut EP 'Beneath the Quiet Insulation of the Stars' with a huge show at the Toff last month.
While their name is Russia they hail from Melbourne. When you hear them you'll know that their sound is an ode to the funk of old while forging a contemporary footpath weaved with pop elements. Hearing them, however, is only half the experience. To truly understand the power of Russia, one must put down the laptop, go to their show and be engrossed in a high energy charismatic experience. Gone are the days of the mild mannered shoe-gazers.
Now is the time of the front man.
Now is the reign of Russia.

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