HOBSONS BAY COAST GUARD Guests: Sledgehammer, Pup Tentacle + Sunfruits


8:30 pmSaturday, 12 October 2019


Northcote Social Club

301 High Street, Northcote

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Hobsons Bay Coast Guard are taking to the road up and down the east coast of Australia in celebration of their new 2-track mini EP ‘Get In Line / Big Tuna’. Hobsons Bay Coast Guard will be showcasing their signature variety-surf sound in the biggest and baddest rooms that the band’s ever visited.

The Hobsons Bay live experience is a well-documented phenomena in the Melbourne scene. Their music is fun, intense, and hard to define. Herky-jerky rhythms and jittery vocal chants might have you thinking about 60’s Surf-Pop, but if anything, they are a stellar update to the genre, compounding influences from Brian Wilson, the Kinks and the Zombies with long psychedelic jams and driving garage-rock rhythms. Simultaneously polished and careless, the band glide through the frantic transitions and stop-start content of their set by the skin of their teeth, rendering anticipation of their next move pure guesswork. Every track is a new can of worms, and Hobsons strut across multiple genres in their catalogue with a sincere but infectiously dramatic flare. If you go to live gigs to have fun (and like matching outfits) HBCG is the band for you.

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