Heavy & Hammered V FEAT: 29 Bones, Baby 8, Barbarion, El Colosso, Frankenbok, Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene, Full Tone Generator, Grindhouse, Littlefoot, Neck Grip, Never, Palace of the King, Peeping Tom, Sithlord, Suldusk ,The Blacktides, The Fuckups ,The Hybernators, The Neptune Power Federation (NSW) ,TTTDC, Warped


7:00 pmSaturday, 5 October 2019



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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Raise your devil horns to the sky and prepare thyself for the unholiest day of the year with PBS 106.7FM’s Heavy and Hammered back for its fifth and FINAL year! Once again we’ve handed the unholy reigns over to PBS's Hard and Heavy shows to summon their favourite bands for an all-day, all-night axe smashing riff fest at The Tote Hotel on Saturday October 5.

This year's line-up dives back into the past four years of devestatingly good music and brings back some crowd favourites including Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene, Grindhouse and El Colosso.

Joining us for the first time is Australia's premium metal slash viking band Barbariön, heavy AF metalheads Frankenbok, and all the way from NSW - Australian psychedelic rock and roll occultists, The Neptune Power Federation, who will be launching their new album Memoirs of a Rat Queen on the night!

The full line-up in all its guitar riffin' glory:

29 Bones

Baby 8


El Colosso


Fuck The Fitzroy Doom Scene

Full Tone Generator



Neck Grip


Palace of the King

Peeping Tom



The Blacktides

The Fuckups

The Hybernators

The Neptune Power Federation (NSW)



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