HEAVY AND HAMMERED IV feat: Ambur, Arcane Saints, Bitch Diesel, Black Jesus, Born Heavy and heaps more...


3:00 pmSaturday, 6 October 2018



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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Raise your devil horns high and get ready for the unholiest day of the year with PBS 106.7FM’s Heavy and Hammered back for its fourth year! Once again we’ve handed the unholy reigns over to the Hard and Heavy shows to summon their favourite bands for an all-day, all-night axe smashing riff fest for Heavy and Hammered 4. 

Taking over The Tote with over 20 bands performing across three stages, we don’t have enough space to list them all at once! Stay posted for more announcements but first up... the unrestrained, blazing rock lords Seedy Jeezus fresh from a European tour hit stage with with smashing local rock and metal bands including three-piece punk outfit Bitch Diesel, Australian seminal garage rock n’ rollers Grindhouse and self-professed health goth punks Plaster of Paris. PLUS psych four-piece Pseudo Mind Hive, loud and proud metal rockers Demonhead, solo melodic doom/death project Subterranean Disposition, high energy punkers The Interceptors, AND noise punkers AMBUR - band, junk rockers UTE ROOT, stoner rockers Fuck the Fitzroy Doom Scene and grungy sludge duo La Bronco.

The full line-up boasts:

Ambur // Arcane Saints // Bitch Diesel // Black Jesus // Born Heavy // Demonhead // Devil Electric // Diamond Fox // F*ck the Fitzroy Doom Scene // Grindhouse // Hybrid Nightmares // Ion Drive // La Bronco // Maniaxe // Muscle Car // Plaster of Paris // Pseudo Mind Hive // Seedy Jeezus // Shannon Bourne // Subterranean Disposition // The Interceptors // Ute Root // Vertigo

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