Haywood-Ball-Ferella with guest Dorian Ford (London)


7:30 pmSunday, 26 May 2019


Jazz Lab

27 Leslie St, Brunswick VIC 3056

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London-based pianist/composer Dorian Ford came up playing along-

side many musicians who went on to form the backbone of the London jazz

renaissance of the 1980s. Through a scholarship he went to the USA and

became a Berklee graduate and Chick Corea Jazz Masters award winner.

His unique and personal playing style takes in jazz, classical, folk and rock,

and he often makes the crossover between jazz and classical audiences,

especially with his Bill Evans tributes. He has worked on film scores, and

toured Europe and Japan, as well as performing a solo piano concert at

the London Jazz Festival. On his Melbourne debut he will collaborate with

Eugene Ball (trumpet), Nick Haywood (bass) and Ronny Ferella (drums).

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