8:00 pmSaturday, 2 November 2019


Yah Yah's

99 Smith St, Fitzroy

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Hawaii gun Club are back from hiding under the desert rocks returning to the YAH YAHS BANDSTAND for the release of their latest single ‘Hey Man’.

Once formally known as AMIKO as of early February this year. Risen from the ashes ‘Hawaii Gun Club’ emerged, a group of gentlemen here to destroy your very fabric of funk and taste. Four very different individuals from the dusty parts of Melbourne who’s one and only goals in life is to melt you into a puddle of hot goo from their explosive live performances.

They gracefully made their return earlier this year with a hot new single ‘Death Valley Driver’ placing them back where they left if not further. With riffs heavier than a barrel of dynamite and the front man equivalent of kicking a piano down a flight of stairs.

The latest single from the Indie-Hard Rock quartet ‘Hey man’ needs no other introduction other than its the equivalent to a flaming bag of rocks, it’s hot, it’s heavy and it doesn’t serve much of a purpose.

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