Haunting the Flesh


9:00 pm-10:00 pmThursday, 26 September 2019


Brunswick Mechanics Institute

270 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

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Haunting the Flesh is a ceremonial exploration of growing and becoming by sound and performance artists Papaphilia and Mossy 333

In this performance the pair will perform an experimental sound and dance experience that sees their bodies respond to aural and political chaos, and attempting endlessly to bypass the harsh realities of heteronormative authoritarianism.

Physically and aurally they will tell personal stories about their lived experiences as gender diverse subjects that are sexualised through lenses of femininity and associations of womanhood, and racialised through the complex visual tropes and societal structures of whiteness in Narmm.

Created and Performed by: Papaphilia and Mossy 333

and Developed at the Brunswick Mechanics Institute

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