Grim Fawkner Band


5:00 pm-7:00 pmSunday, 31 July 2022


Union Hotel

109 Union Street, Brunswick

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Armed with an appallingly dexterous 11 agile fingers, numerous awards for sheer handsomeness, and an envious skill for hyperbole, Grim Fawkner is simply the best musician ever to grace this green earth. Having played with/mentored lesser known artists like Marcus King, The Waifs & Kasey Chambers, and doggedly winning the self-proclaimed title of “King of Bendigo”, Grim and his band will be lending their considerable talent to the zeitgeist of Brunswickian music history, plumbing if not the far depths then at least the very septic tank of human emotion. Addendum: Think Lyle Lovett meets Lenny Kravitz, meets Glen Hansard, whilst Tom Lehrer winces from afar, and you will have a vague picture of what to expect. This message was approved, written, and barely fact-checked by Grim Fawkner.

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