Gopher Broke [Preston House Show] with very special guests: The Dead Maggies (Tas), The Berkeley Hunts, The Dead Peasants, Not Just Asta, Jude Joseph, Frank Bell (Bendigo), BrodyGreg


7:30 pmWednesday, 17 April 2019

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Tasmania's own flannel-clad vagabond storytelling folk-punk band are on the road again. With ten shows lined up over the next two weeks. They are floating a car over to the big island that will take them to The National Folk Festival, St Albans Folk Festival, with a bunch of pubs, clubs and house shows along the way. They have secured the coverted spot of being the last band on the last night of The National Folk Festival, and hope to close the festival with a raucous hoedown, for those that have the stamina to last all five days!