Glitoris + Hearts & Rockets + Greyjacks


8:30 pmSaturday, 9 November 2019


Esplanade Hotel

11 The Esplanade, St Kilda

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Glitoris: loud, fierce, political, and unapologetic. With their unique brand of abrasive punk rock, Glitoris blends in the best of classic rock riffage and hard metal force for good measure. Renowned for their indelible songwriting and badass stage show, Glitoris are described as 'one of the fiercest live forces in the country' (Pile Rats) and a 'next-level punk rock stage presence' (Ditch This Magazine), and have earned a reputation as one of Australia's most uncompromising and unforgettable live acts. Having finished a knockout late 2018 east coast tour in support of their critically acclaimed and widely played debut album THE POLICY, Glitoris continue to tour the record throughout 2019/2020.

Hearts and Rockets

Hearts and Rockets’ new LP, the 14 track dude smasher, Power, is still anchored by the trademark driving bass lines and clattering 808 drum machine beats that have become synonymous with the band, and glimpses of their buzzing analogue synth are sure to catch you unaware. But it’s the addition of Kalindy on guitar that sets this new collection apart. On Power, the duo reinvents the very sound they created only 2 years ago.


Forming accidentally in a bar in June of 2018, Greyjacks are 4 strangers turned bandmates, who’s take on punk rock only exists through sheer coincidence and a little bit of alcohol. Greyjacks own brand of the genre amalgamates the best parts of ska, prog, thrash and even disco to create this sonic homage to their wide array of influences. But to ground it all, their some-what organised sonic-chaos is always attributed by their rock-solid and 80’s punk-inspired foundation.

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