Georgia Rodgers (George Lane Matinee Sessions) Hugo Race Fatalists (evening)


3:00 pmSaturday, 18 March 2023


George Lane

1 George Lane, St Kilda

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Bringing to the stage a combination of Blues and Jazz marrying an array of ambient guitar riffs and skillful use of a loop pedal; Georgia Rodgers is a new and upcoming artist you won't want to miss.

Georgia is not only well known for her incredible guitar skills but also her voice and the journey she takes listeners on within her own compositions. This young musician takes spotlight and captivates audiences through her ability to sing with raw emotion, joined with her iconic Telecaster Georgia's voice and her musicality act as partners in crime, inviting all listeners to be apart of the beautiful love affair.

Through years of mastering a set of originals and covers, she is able to cater for a diverse range of audiences and venues. As a whole, Georgia creates an experience to share, not just an outstanding performance.

“Once Upon A Time In Italy”, in the vein of the previous Taken by the Dream, is none other than the elaboration of forty years of records, concerts, explorations, travels and passions of a man and a musician who has not abjured his own ideas but has slowly ferried them into a new era. Hugo, as Tom Waits would say, is someone who has voodoo. He has always had it and the voice, the sounds, the intimate and liturgical dimension in which the songs develop, now more than ever lead us back to his spirituality, to his strong bond with the roots and with the essence of music.” (Dominic Grio, Out Takes, Italy).

Hugo Race, internationally based producer, composer, performer and author, delivers intense sonic soundscapes that merge folk, experimentalism, electronica and rock. In the arc of three decades Hugo has left a mercurial trail of musical works spanning his many own releases and multiple international collaborations across studio albums, film and theatre productions, touring and festivals.

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