Georgia Rodgers & Chloë V


7:00 pmWednesday, 23 November 2022


Drunken Poet

65 Peel St, West Melbourne

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Bringing to the stage a combination of Blues and Jazz marrying an array of ambient guitar riffs and skilful use of a loop pedal; Georgia Rodgers is a new and upcoming artist you won't want to miss.

Georgia is not only well known for her incredible guitar skills but also her voice and the journey she takes listeners on within her own compositions. This young musician takes the spotlight and captivates audiences through her ability to sing with raw emotion, joined with her iconic Telecaster Georgia's voice and her musicality act as partners in crime, inviting all listeners to be a part of the beautiful love affair.

Through years of mastering a set of originals and covers, she is able to cater for a diverse range of audiences and venues.

As a whole, Georgia creates an experience to share, not just an outstanding performance.


Chloë V - 9pm

Take a standout voice, add some melancholy, and a whole lot of feeling and you get singer-songwriter, Chloë V. The Melbourne based artist exudes charm with songs that evoke a captivating combination of heartache and hopefulness. Chloë can take you on journeys you never even knew you needed to take. Her raw and powerful vocals and lyrics transfix audiences. The intention she puts into every word, and every strum of her guitar, will leave an impression on you that you won’t soon forget.

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