Georgia Brooks Swingtet (arvo) Ménage a Ska, DJ FLOYD THURSBY & DJ 789 (BOSAK)


2:30 pmSaturday, 29 September 2018


Open Studio

204 High Street, Northcote 3070

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Studio for crepes, wine and delicious swinging tunes. Led by diehard swinging jazz dancer Georgia, the Georgia Brooks Swingtet brings to the stage a lively repertoire of jazz tunes from the 20s, 30s and 40s. Focused on the spirit of jazz as dance music the Swingtet will have you tappin' your toes and jiggling about in your seat to the rhythm of swingin' jazz.

The Menage - playing a mix of Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae with a touch of Rock. Think of it as a Punky Reggae Party!

A free party .. Balkan with DJ Floyd and Bosak. It's free entry! 8 pm till late .. Armed with a collection of tunes personally sourced from Moscow’s infamous Gorbushka music dealers and the backwoods of Romania, DJ Floyd Thursby spins deliriously up-tempo sets of gypsy dance, Balkan brass, Russki rock, manele, chalga, blatnyak, shanson, cocek, trubaci, and Eastern Bloc rock.

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