GAS feat: Dj Vixen


7:30 pmFriday, 7 September 2018


Red Betty

Rear 859 Sydney Rd Brunswick

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Melissa-Jayne / Dj Vixen is a visual artist where she studied drawing, painting and print media in Australia and Berlin. Has a big social and creative life, which follows vixens passion and this is shown in her many pursuits, one being music. After raving at sessions, squat, clubs, festival and house parties she became intensely involved and driven to collect and begin her own musical journey.

Vixen picked up the art of mixing at after parties, it then grew from there. Vixen was playing techno, acid techno. Collecting odd records, breakbeats, hip-hop, scratch music, electronica, techno, bass music, world sounds.

GAS was brought together by an enthusiasm and desire to express oneself through DJing. The art of mixing recorded music in real time. Possessing a strong passion for hunting and collecting vinyl and digital music. Evolving with changes in technology, Manipulating sounds while mixing, mixing multiple genres, changing and mixing different BPMs…enjoy this mad art and to never be pigeon-holed to just one style or sound.

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    Red Betty

    Rear 859 Sydney Rd Brunswick