FVCKBATS, Twofold Vision, Monastere, Cves, Ricky Summer, PIRX


7:30 pmFriday, 21 June 2019


Whole Lotta Love

524 Lygon Street East Brunswick

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21/06/19 @ WLL will feature LAZERS and lights by CVES (VJ)

not suitable for photosensitive epilepsy

FVCKBATS - For lovers of space, electronica, parties and the most intense kind of synth. Open your mind

Twofold Vision - The killer power pop duo with teeth, hooks and harmonies. 2 - parts dub. 1- part pop, all electronica, all catchy

Monastere - Computer trash making the music for a post-apocalyptic neon cyberspace. Sounds like the bar bands in Shadow Run and Blade Runner.

Cves - A beast hitting the best of dark house. Prepare for the tightest beast this side of the black and a snare/bass set to stun. Cves will also be our VJ lazer commander for the night!

Ricky Summer - Do you like synth-wave? Do you like old school video game soundtracks? Ricky Summer likes both of these things. New retrowave at its finest.

PIRX - This is what it would sound like if Kraftwerk composed the score to 2001:space oddessy. Ease the seat back, take the journey, get lost in space

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