JACKY WINTER & EMILEE SOUTH in the front bar plus...FUTURE POPES SHOWCASE featuring Hexdebt + Simona Castricum + Cry Club + Candy + Dianas + Pataphysics


7:30 pmWednesday, 3 July 2019


Bar Open

317 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

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Candy is the solo moniker of Melbourne creative Calum Newton. Formerly of Lunatics on Pogosticks and Amyl + The Sniffers, Candy sees Newton embrace post-punk and dream-pop of all eras – with driving bass lines and shimmering melodies crafted entirely in his bedroom.

Listen to "Feel": https://candy-band.bandcamp.com/


Cry Club are one of Australia’s most energetic, riled-up noise-pop acts - they are for anyone who’s ever been called too emotional, too sensitive, too much. Before the duo even had a single out, they were booked to play BIGSOUND and Yours and Owls Festival on the merit of their frenetic and endearingly excitable live show alone. They've since released 3 singles, all of which have been added to triple j, while "DFTM" has been lauded as 'best single of the year' by triple j presenters and Project U.

Listen to "Two Hearts": https://cryclub.bandcamp.com/track/two-hearts


Dianas are Caitlin Moloney, Nathalie Pavlovic and Anetta Nevin, originally from Perth and now firmly planted in Melbourne. Formed from a heady combination of cheap red wine, stolen guitars, heartbreak and boredom, Dianas have been cultivating their unique DIY pop sound in dingy share house lounge rooms since 2013, With freshly learnt instruments and a handful of pop songs aptly titled EP #01, the trio’s naive yet intricate sounds instantly garnered attention from fans and radio alike.

WATCH "Leave Love": https://youtu.be/1Oos9NxXFPI


Hailed as one of the most talented acts to come out of Narrm/Melbourne in recent years, HEXDEBT’s songs grip tension between tightly refined technical prowess and chaotic discordance, executing immaculate balance with staunch confidence. Renowned for their powerful live performances, guitarists Agnes Whalan and Aife Larkin converse in a style of disparate but complementary lines: reverberating picking vs. searing electrical current intertwine in perfect synchronicity. Bassist Isobel D’Cruz fingerpicks heavily articulated lines that sustain strong momentum in each track, with Lucy Fry unleashing a commanding sense of rhythm on drums. Each member contributes to the vocals lines, fronted by Agnes Whalan's searing poeticisms about betrayal, property and bodily ownership

WATCH "Loops": https://youtu.be/6pTe63e2hRE


Simona Castricum is a musician, DJ and producer from Melbourne, Australia. Over 20 years traversing the club and live music landscape, Simona has evolved into a unique electronic performer as both an independent artist and one half of the duo SaD. Her performances create space for shared catharsis and brutal confrontation—connecting with audiences through intimate synth-pop and stadium techno, mixing cardio elements of vocals and electronic percussion. Her music draws from her deep love of underground dance’s dark lineage—from minimal percussive rhythms of techno to the cold sounds of Italo-disco and new beat.


Pat is a producer, instrumentalist, songwriter and engineer. Wielding everything from a trumpet to an MPC, presenting points of view in music you probably haven't heard. Dusty beats, synth octave trumpet, uncompromising lyrics, and improvisations on that experimental Hip Hop, Soul, Jazz tip. His vocal and trumpet stylings have seen him perform with artists like Solange, as well as record and work with artists such as Stic.Man (Dead Prez), DRMNGNOW, Philly, Adrian Eagle, Kaiit, Allysha Joy, Kee’ahn, Billy Davis, Hau Latukefu, Aamer Rahman, 3070, and a host of other artists. It is a unique musicality and his commitment to refining a sound which has seen him perform around the country from Laneway Festival to The Sydney Opera House, delivering his powerful live show. Pat is a Mercury Prize winning songwriter, who has a vast production background from ARIA award winner 360 to Nazeem Hussain’s Legally Brown (SBS).

LISTEN to "Tip Of The Spear": https://9gates.bandcamp.com/album/tip-of-the-spear

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