French Cut - Album Launch, Imogen Cygler, Romero [FRONT BAR] Lawnton Bowls Club, Remy Boccalatte, Jessie L Warren, TV Dreams, Swire [BANDROOM] Mr. Sophistication, SERF, Los Tropics [UPSTAIRS]


8:00 pmThursday, 19 September 2019



61-71 Johnston Street Collingwood

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Every Thursday night from 8pm you’ll catch us playing alongside some other incredible acts. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now and she’s finally rolled around. So without any further blabbering, here some essential deets my friends:

Thu 19 Sept

10:00 French Cut

9:00 Imogen Cygler

8:00 Romero

Thu 26 Sept

10:00 French Cut

9:00 Darvid Thor

8:00 Sunfruits


A group of interstate indie artists celebrating . Melbourne artists feature Jessie L Warren, who has recently released a sweet single, The Lawnton Bowls Club, playing Bushranger Alt Country Rock'n'Blues with a bit of jangly guitar, and Swire, the solo project for Errol Hoffman from To The North. Making the trip from Brisbane is TV Dreams, the moniker for Daniel Van Zutphen's new project dedicated to his love for television shows, and Remy Boccalatte, launching a newly released debut album.

11:30 Lawnton Bowls Club
10:45 Remy Boccalatte
10:00 Jessie L Warren
9:15 TV Dreams
8:30 Swire
8:00 doors


Mr. Sophistication plays their last gig for awhile. Join us upstairs at the Tote with pals SERF and Los Tropics. (I had to write this blurb quickly at work so it lacks some pzazz. I can't always be relied upon to brighten your otherwise bleak existence

10:10 Mr. Sophistication
9:20 SERF
8:30 Los Tropics
8:00 $8 entry

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