FM Thread, Parmy Dhillon


8:00 pmWednesday, 16 October 2019


Bar Oussou

653 Sydney Road, Brunswick

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Parmy Dhillon

is a genuine Australian character. Whether as a solo artist wielding an acoustic guitar, or frontman of his full band The New Science, the Melbourne singer-songwriter delivers powerful music that deals in raw, honest emotion. His latest single, Friend Or Foe, catches him in band mode, beautifully shading uplifting hooks with tonally darker lyrics.

While too alternative to be on the radar of commercial radio, Friend Or Foe shows Parmy Dhillon has the potential to appeal to music lovers anywhere in the world. An expressive, often-biographical songwriter, his lyrics reflect his struggles in life, which he has overcome through his love of music. The result is incredibly moving and connective... music that can comfort each of us – reminding us that we are not alone in going through tough times.

With its bitingly poignant lyrics and undeniable melodic hooks, Friend Or Foe is one of Parmy Dhillon's finest songs to date, and a good indication of where the singer-songwriter will take things next. With a heart full of stark, real experience, and a rock-solid band at his back, he has everything he needs to establish himself as one of Australia's most compelling new artists.

FM Thread

FM Thread are a duo of pretty man-folk. They have enough hair to fashion a rope swing and noggens that think about life stuff in really differently real ways. Matthew: a mountain man from Missouri, and Floyd: a bush boy from the N.S.W outback. Together they write songs about life, love, and nature, and the nature of love, and the life of nature. Matty, with the voice of a gruff lumber jack all filled up with angel stuffing, and Floyd, a String box expert with special fingers for string box'n. These two make grooves, lullabies, groovy lullabies, and everything in between.

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