"Flow Wid It" ft. with Rhath, Amutha, Dilly, V Don Dada (arvo) I.E. & Travy P (EP Launch) with Special Guests (evening)


1:00 pmSunday, 26 January 2020


Workers Club

51 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

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'Flow wid it' is an exploration of hip hop & soul from the perspective of local Melbournians. It is an opportunity to take a preexisting idea and transform it into something we can relate to. The evolution of this genre is about pushing boundaries and minds, this collective is part of the movement towards authentic expression and compassion. All are welcome and free to hang out with our artists after!


Origin: From the Latin ‘id est’
Meaning: in other words

What happens when we separate the idea of artist and their music from their person? Are we able to connect with music more, or less, when it’s presented on a blank canvas?

This was the concept behind i.e., the new musical project from an anonymous Sydney artist, who wanted to literally present his music and craft ‘in other words’.

While many know or have identified the man behind i.e., the idea was always to reveal as little as possible about himself and his image to present the purest listening experience, without bias or preconceived notions.

With various musical projects under his belt, i.e. is not this artist’s first foray into music. Drawing on experience writing and performing variations of hip hop, pop, dance and indie rock for himself and other artists, i.e.’s sound is eclectic, but deeply rooted in moody trap beats. Each release from ‘Put On’ to ‘Separated’ are darkly melodic, dripping with big bass and catchy hooks.

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